Grande Forge Paris Line

The Parisian taste in a crystal balustrade system from Grande Forge.

Paris, the city of lights, the symbol of culture and also elegance. The metal workers of France drew from the artistic talents of the great fashion designers of Paris to come up with the Grande Forge Paris Line. Furthermore, the genuine “Swarovski”® crystal balustrade, blended with 22 carat gold plate and also other exquisite finishes make for a balustrade design that will perfectly “set off” virtually any interior design!

Supreme refinement: In the centre of the baluster lies a lead crystal cut by Strass Swarovski®.


What is Grande Forge?

Grande Forge Paris Balustrade range is one of the most amazing products offered by Grande Forge of France. The company is a world leading manufacturer of many types of balustrade systems. These systems range from traditional wrought iron all the way through to the exotic Grande Forge Paris Balustrade range.

However, whether you are a professional designer or an end user, Grande Forge offers you unlimited opportunities. Therefore, to incorporate these traditional and also modern styles into special settings!


Create custom ornamental railings with posts, brackets, baskets, spear points and also base collars. Furthermore, add flair with a wide assortment of ornaments, scrolls and balls. Grande Forge products are designed for indoor and outdoor use.


What will your fence look like?

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Many more Grande Forge ranges also available to suit your needs!

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