Grande Forge Balustrade Systems

The art of ironwork is a universe of visual and also tactile sensations that combines metal strength and also creative drawing course.

To admire beautiful ironwork, is to touch as closely as possible the work of the craftsman, feeling the
sheen of a work finely forged.

An industrial and handicraft concept

Grande Forge has created a unique concept of its kind: mass production of handicrafts.

Master-craftsmen of heart and spirit, its creators cultivate this perfectionism and also, this in iron forged

Grande Forge does not make copies but makes its own designs.

Grande Forge designs its own machines and also tools. That’s the best way to ensure quality and
exclusiveness of its products. At Grande Forge, conception and also creation are the reflection of the
company: an artistic sense adroitly mixed with efficiency.

With their science of nuances and shades, the finishers’ hands carry steel through time and also choose
its style.

A unique creative freedom

Whatever his cultural sensitivity, the customer makes a point of expressing his personality through
the beautiful parts that surround him.

The architect and also the decorator are thinkers linking the creativity of Grande Forge and the
expectations of the customer.

Grande Forge positions itself there as a partner of ideas.

This innovative concept makes more and more followers, for obvious reasons of regularity and
also quality.

It is for the workmanship, an appreciable consistency, in the immediate future and in time.

Grande Forge takes its commitment to quality very seriously and also commissions an external laboratory
to carry out in-depth analyses of its products.

This independent and completely neutral organization takes the quality control of the material’s
composition even further analyzing down the smallest particles.

The commitment to quality and also inspection of materials guarantee excellence for the client.

To perpetuate a tradition

To perpetuate a tradition, to ensure quality and also the effectiveness, the craftsman-ironworker knows
better than whomever those words.

To evolve and move with its time. To position for the future while preserving the tradition, are other
precepts which open the way of progress.

In all humility and also any discretion, but with a faith of steel, Grande Forge works each day to develop
the ironwork of art in the world without really posting itself, in the multitude of the achievements.

Creative truths remain and will also remain the craftsman-ironworkers.

For them, to integrate Grande Forge opportunity in their talent, it is to profit from a new form of


Truly a touch of class, The Grande Forge Balustrade Diamond range are genuine heirlooms with the flashing crystals cut by

STRASS® SWAROVSKI®will provide special appeal. The gleaming 24 carat gold plate adds to the splendor found in the Grande Forge Diamond range.


Black Diamond

Still with the appeal of exotic crystals by STRASS® SWAROVSKI® the Grande Forge Balustrade Black Diamond range have the added attraction of high luster black chrome.


The Royal series by Grande Forge recreates the luxury and glamour of ancient palaces. The solid brass centres are available in two finishes: either “Antique Bronze” hand patinated or 24 carat gold plate and lacquered.



PARIS, the city of lights, the symbol of culture and also elegance is the name given to these splendid balusters. Made from nickel plated and 24 carat gold plated brass with steel ends for welding, these balusters also offer lead crystal inserts by STRASS® SWAROVSKI®.



Stylistic composition takes on its full meaning in the Mozart line from Grande Forge. From the exuberance of leaves and flowers to the stylized peacock the Mozart splendor is unsurpassed.



The Grande Forge Skyport range blends the modern appeal of stainless steel with the timeless beauty of 24 carat gold plate to form a truly unique balustrade experience.


Truly a touch of class, The Grande Forge Balustrade Systems will add that final appeal to your project. The above designs are just a small example of the huge range of exciting designs to suit both traditional and also modern designed projects.

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