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Locinox Gate Closers specifically work on the principle of a mechanical spring with a patented oil damping. Thanks to this oil damping, the functioning of the Gate Closer will be the same through the year and also during changing weather conditions. Furthermore, closing speed and also closing force are both adjustable and our Gate Closers can have a snap-close if you wish.


There are several models of hydraulic gate closers available:

Mammoth Gate Closer: Hydraulic swing gate closer and also bearing hinge in one. Designed for exterior use.

Easy and also fast to install thanks to the patented Quick-Fix fittings. The Mammoth-180 offers all the advantages of an efficient and also subtle, aesthetic gate closer with 2 adjustable closing speeds (closing speed and also free run) for a perfect closing of your gate.


  • 180° opening angle
  • For gates up to 150kg
  • For gates up to 1,20m wide
  • Independent adjustments of the 2 closing speeds by means of 2 screws
  • Closing force adjustable
  • Easy to open: Max. 15 Nm of force
  • Avaliable in black or silver
  • Dino hinge included
  • Robust Design
  • Tested on 150,000 movements
  • Tested from -30°C to +60°C

Verticlose-STD Gate Closer/Verticlose-RAIL Gate Closer: The Locinox Verticlose Gate Closers are some of the finest gate closers available, designed specifically for outdoor use. Manufactured with stainless steel components.

These Locinox Gate Closers are recommended for heavy gates, such as those constructed of steel or wood. There, it is quick and also easy to install thanks to the patented Quick-Fix Fixings. The adjustable closing speed, closing force and also free run guarantee a perfect closing of the gate. Even in the most extreme conditions. Available in 2 version.

Most importantly, you’ll never worry about whether you closed the gate again!

Verticlose-STD: for 180° hinge situations/Verticlose-RAIL: for 90° hinge situations


  • Maximum opening angle 90° (gate stop included)
  • For gates up to 80kg
  • Speed and also force adjustable by means of 2 screws
  • Adjustable final snap
  • Powdercoated, aluminium housing
  • Easy to open
  • Tested on 150,000 movements
  • Tested from -30°C to +60°C

gate-closers-samsonSamson Gate Closer

Samson Gate Closer: Industrial, horizontally mounted gate closer especially designed for use in the most extreme environments and also weather.

Easy and also fast installation with Quick-Fix fixings. Furthermore, with its adjustable closing speed and also force, the Samson specifically guarantees a perfect closing for your light and/or heavy gates for years to come.


  • opening angle 110°
  • Avaliable 2 versions: 250N and 400N
  • 250N: closing force 250N
  • 400N: closing force 400N
  • Closing speed and force adjustments by means of 2 adjusting screws
  • Possible to eliminate freerun for use with magnetic locks
  • Silver colour finish
  • Tested on 150,000 movements
  • Tested from -30°C to +60°C


Industrial Quality

Locinox products are by all means, of industrial quality. Even more, they are tested extensively by our R&D department in the most extreme circumstances.

Every product is also tested a minimum of 500,000 movements before bringing it to the market. Using Locinox products, specifically extends the life of your gates and also fences.

Ease of Installation

“Time however, is money”, certainly in our industry. Therefore, this is why our products are easy to implement in your production process. Moreover, you will also save a lot of time when installing on site thanks to our Plug&Play design and also our patented Quick-Fix fixing system.

Lastly, Quick-Fix are pre-fitted on our products, your products will also be installed in a snap: just tighten them up, then that’s it. Therefore, the patented Quick-Fix system ensures the firm fixing of our products.


At Fence and Gate Supplies, we are dedicated in assisting our customers. Especially in making your projects a reality. Most importantly, if you have any questions about our great ranges, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. However, this can easily be done by going to the Contact section of our website. Furthermore, we would be more than happy to assist you.

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