Grande Forge – Black Diamond Line

Black Diamond balustrade by Grande Forge


When you want the very best for your home, Grande Forge has what you need.

Innovation and a respect for tradition do not necessarily exclude each other. However, these two poles form a symbiosis. The result are artistic pieces of true craftsmanship that are greeted enthusiastically the world over.

The Grande Forge Black Diamond Balustrade Line gives an exotic modern touch to your home. Its elegant balusters made of black nickel chrome with crystals cut by “Strass Swarovski”®. They also come in two black colour finishes available: Chrome and Satin. These finishes fascinate with their sobriety and also, delicacy.

Sophistication, Luxury, and Mystery…

The Black colour is a symbol of elegance and dignity. Furthermore, black also permits to emphasise and nuance on details of your interior. Sophistication, luxury, and also, mystery: it’s all about this magic colour. However, this dark colour has to be used carefully in order to not hinder the general aspect of the interior. The diamond balusters in these finishing’s generally permit you to focus on the decoration of your interior. The focus is therefore, the presence is discrete, but all in elegance.

It is a Grande Forge Black Diamond balustrade system that is found nowhere else. Most importantly, there is a myriad of configurations available. Configurations that can be used to get the exact affect that you would like to achieve.


What is Grande Forge?

Grande Forge Black Diamond Balustrade range is one of the amazing products offered by Grande Forge of France. The company is a world leading manufacturer of many types of balustrade systems. These systems range from traditional wrought iron all the way through to the exotic Grande Forge Black Diamond Balustrade range.

Whether you are a professional designer or and end user, Grande Forge offers you unlimited opportunities. Therefore, to incorporate these traditional and also modern styles into special settings!


Many more Grande Forge ranges also available to suit your needs!

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