Leonardo Mechanical Combination Lock for Sliding Gates

European quality provides the ultimate in Locinox Gate Hardware.

When one is looking for quality products, the place to start is Europe! Enter FGS AUSTRALIA! We have done the footwork for YOU! Locinox Gate Hardware is quality and style when you need it!

For over 25 years, Locinox has been developing and also manufacturing fittings for fencing and also gates. The vision is for every high-quality fence to have a gate with at least one quality gate hardware component from FGS Australia fitted in it. Specifically in giving all of our customers peace of mind knowing that their security is second to none.

Our expertise is with fittings for outdoors. That niche market may not be big, but we would like to be the very best at it internationally. At the moment we are assuming a leading role and also without a doubt, we want to keep that role and also even further expand it. Most importantly, Locinox Gate Hardware is now offered in Australia by FGS AUSTRALIA, you can have European quality!

FGS AUSTRALIA for gate hardware – quality when you need it!

This range of gate hardware also includes hydraulic gate closers to give you peace of mind knowing that your gate will be securely closed when required.

Samson Gate Closer

Therefore, all of the Locinox products are made out of non-corrosive materials. That is a certainty – that is a fundamental principle. Furthermore, they specifically uses stainless steel and also aluminium as often as possible. Sometimes it is necessary to use steel. However, if that is the case, it is galvanized using the hot-dip galvanizing method. This way one gets the thickest layer of zinc and therefore, the best protection from rust. Without a doubt, Locinox gate hardware is specifically suitable for all outdoor situations – long lasting quality!

FGS AUSTRALIA have a huge range of products.

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