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Genuine parts & accessories for Locinox Products

Modularity, compatibility and also flexibility within our range gives you an endless amount of solutions. Compose your own product so it fits your production processes and range. Locinox however, makes sure your orders are handled quickly and also correctly.

Furthermore, a full range of Locinox parts & accessories are available at FGS Australia. All of these products are designed to fit the LOCINOX range of products.


.                   Adaptor Plate                                       Push Handle                                      Aluminium Push Bar


Locinox parts & acessories avaliable:

  • Accessories for locks and keeps


    Special Handles

    • Security Knob
    • Push-set in aluminium
    • Aluminium handle blocking set
    • Handle set 3006PULL
    • Pull counter box
    • Triangular spindle
    • Aluminium push bar
    • Triangle key

    Handle pairs

    • Handle pair in aluminium (club-handle)
    • Handle pair in aluminium
    • Aluminium handle pair
    • Aluminium handle blocking set
    • Security knob
    • Handle pair in zamac
    • Handle pair in stainless steel
    • Reinforced aluminium handle pair
    • Handle pair in polyamide
    • Aluminium round knobs
    • Handle pair in aluminium for hybrid locks
    • Handle pair in stainless steel for hybrid locks

    Half Handles

    • Half aluminium handle (club handle)
    • Half aluminium handle
    • Half zamac handle
    • Stainless steel half handle
    • Half aluminium round handle


    • 46mm cylinder
    • 54mm cylinder
    • 60mm cylinder
    • 80mm cylinder
    • 37mm half cylinder
    • 54mm dummy cylinder
    • 60mm knob cylinder
    • Triangular cylinder set for triangle keys

    Adaptor plates

    • Adaptor plate for SA keeps
    • Adaptor plate for locks
    • Adaptor plate for SH keeps
    • Polyamide housing for the electric strike

    Accessories for cylinders

    • Blank key 46mm
    • Blank key 54mm
    • Triangle key

    Drilling jigs and drills

    • Drilling jig (swing gate)
    • Drilling jig (sliding gate)
    • Drilling bit Ø 15mm with drill-chuck Ø 13mm
  • Hinge Parts

    Industrial Hinge Parts

    • U-shaped ear plate
    • Grove plate
    • Gate claw (GBMU4DSHIELD-12)
    • Gate claw (GBMU4D16 / GBMU4DSHIELD16 / BEARING HINGE)
    • Gate claw (GBMU4D20)
    • Fixation grip for hinge GBMU4D12
    • Fixation grip for hinge GBMU4D16
    • Fixation grip for hinge GBMU2D20
    • Claw nut and bolts for 4D hinges
    • Eyebolt set hot-dip galvanised
    • Eyebolt set in stainless steel
    • Earplate for hinge 1039SET
    • Eyebolt set for earplate 1036
    • Weld nut

    Hinge Parts for Small Gates

    • Aluminium reinforced post plug for hinges
    • Stainless steel hanger bolt M12
    • Hot-dip galvanised hangerbolt M16
    • Welding ear in black steel

    Ornamental Hinge Parts

    • Clamp hinge
    • Welding block
    • Adjustable nut

    Wall Plates

    • Flower wall plate hot-dip galvanised
    • Wall plate hot-dip galvanised
    • Steel wall plate hot-dip galvanised
  • Accessories for Gates

    List Content goes here

  • Post Plugs & Caps
    • Post plug
    • Post caps
    • Square post cap
    • Post caps to screw on
    • Post caps to weld on
  • Security Strips
    • Security strip to weld on
    • Security strip to screw on
  • Miscellaneous
    • Locinox mounting system
    • Adjustable roller bolt
    • Mounting tool for locks
    • Mounting tool for gate closers

Industrial Quality

Locinox products are by all means, of industrial quality. Even more, they are tested extensively by our R&D department in the most extreme circumstances.

Every product is also tested a minimum of 500,000 movements before bringing it to the market. Using Locinox products, specifically extends the life of your gates and also fences.

Ease of Installation

“Time however, is money”, certainly in our industry. Therefore, this is why our products are easy to implement in your production process. Moreover, you will also save a lot of time when installing on site thanks to our Plug&Play design and also our patented Quick-Fix fixing system.

Lastly, Quick-Fix are pre-fitted on our products, your products will also be installed in a snap: just tighten them up, then that’s it. Therefore, the patented Quick-Fix system ensures the firm fixing of our products.


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