Grande Forge Ronde Line

Hot forged balusters in the Grande Forge Ronde Line offer a unique blend of traditional yet modern looking balustrade.

Grande Forge have achieved a range of traditional yet modern looking balusters rarely seen anywhere else by blending the simple designs of hot forging with touches of polished brass.

The result – a unique elegance to suit the most discerning connoisseur of balustrade systems. Even more, the Grande Forge Ronde Line gives you the “something different” that stands out from the crowd.

This traditional yet modern looking ironwork from the Ronde Series is sure to complement any staircase or balcony. However, the sleek, curved steel designs of the posts and also balusters are possible do to the lathe worked involved. This traditional yet modern looking balustrade is for indoor use only.

Furthermore, the Grande Forge Ronde Line can also be supplied as pre-finished balusters or as raw steel for you to paint as required to suit your own décor.


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What is Grande Forge?

Grande Forge Ronde Line is hot forged balusters which offers a unique blend of traditional yet modern looking balustrade. The company is a world leading manufacturer of many types of balustrade systems. Furthermore, these systems range from crystal balustrades cut by Strass Swarovski®, all the way through to the traditional yet modern looking Grande Forge Ronde Line.

However, whether you are a professional designer or an end user, Grande Forge offers you unlimited opportunities. Therefore, to incorporate these traditional and also modern styles into special settings!

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Many more Grande Forge ranges also available to suit your needs!

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