Vantage Swing Gate Motor


Sleek, Stylish, Secure & Strong

The perfect gate operator for domestic and industrial gates.

Tough-as-nails, die-cast aluminium construction throughout, a grade 304 stainless steel worm-shaft for the ultimate in reliability and durability.

The Vantage Swing Gate Motor gives you the need to swing the future your way, with its sophisticated electronics for smooth, safe operation.


Main Features:

  • Heavy-duty security

When it comes to your home’s security, you want real muscle. With its tough die-cast aluminium armour and powerful piston-driven operation, nothing packs more of a punch than the VANTAGE Swing Gate Motor. In addition, the operator’s fully-sealed construction with custom-moulded seals ensures that it’s as good at shrugging off the elements as it is at keeping intruders out. Beef up security! Fit a VANTAGE!

  • Low profile in-line design

A low profile design with in-line construction of the motor, gearbox and actuating piston. This enhances the aesthetic appearance of the operator allowing it to blend in as unobtrusively as possible with the design of the gate.

  • Easy to install

The fully integrated linear action operator with no complicated linkages makes the installation of the system very quick and easy. Added to this, the internal position control mechanism simplifies the installation even further, as the gates no longer require end of travel endstops.

  • High push force

The high-torque DC motor operating through an efficient planetary gearbox, delivers a potent 220kg push force. The VANTAGE Swing Gate Motor is capable of reliably operating swing gates in the majority of domestic and also industrial applications.

  • Revolutionary brake

Revolutionary centrifugal brake developed range of swing gate motors ensures secure locking of the operator when the gate is both open and closed.

  • Internal limits

Advanced internal limit system guarantees very reliable operation and precise control of the movement of the gate.
Furthermore, it’s designed to provide precision position information to the controller, resulting in unparalleled reliability and setting the standard in early collision detection.

  • Complete speed control

The electronics, with ‘Quadra-Drive’ speed control, maintains smooth and quiet starting and stopping of the gate regardless of its condition and ambient temperatures, even after many years of service. This state-of-the-art control reduces the operating stresses and also extends the life of both the operator and the gate.

  • Swift Operation

Mechanical gearing of the VANTAGE Swing Gate Motor, combined with its leading-edge speed system maintains rapid and precisely-controlled opening and closing of the gate for greater convenience and security.

  • Safe battery backup

With only a low-voltage battery supply powering the operator, the system is totally safe from risks such as electrocution. It also has the added benefit of providing power-failure protection. The added efficiency of the operator results in an exceptional number of uses, even off a low-capacity battery in the event of a failure.

  • Sensitive anti-crushing control

The controller accurately monitors any obstructions to the movement of the gate and ensures ultra-safe operation against crushing and end-user peace of mind.

  • Anti-fatigue cable harness

Every aspect has been designed to work hard. Its anti-fatigue cable with over-moulded stain relief makes for excellent reliability and maximum mileage.

  • All-weather construction

All external components of the operator are manufactured from a combination of stainless steel, epoxy-coated coastal-grade aluminium and UV-stabilised engineering polymers. This guarantees a robust and also durable unit in both inland and coastal environments.

  • Easy to use

Combined with its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), the controller provides a very intuitive and easy to use menu system. This includes, setting up the end of travel limits and all features available on the system. Offering an extensive range of useful features, the controller is exceptionally versatile and has the ability to adapt the system to suit the requirements of almost every user.

  • Operate wirelessly, thanks to Centsys

Besides its ultra-secure code-hopping technology offering the highest level remote control security, this Centsys on-board receiver is both multichannel and multi-user. Furthermore, it allows for multi-button remote controls to operate any combination of the system inputs, such as Gate trigger, Pedestrian Opening, Holiday Lockout, etc. It stores up to 64 transmitter buttons, and amongst other access control features, it provides the ability to selectively add and delete transmitter buttons saved into its memory.

  • Break-in alarm

Improve the security at your entrance by enabling the on-board Break-in Alarm, and be alerted to the presence of would-be intruders loitering at the gate trying to devise a way to get in. This feature, which uses the gate operator safety photocells, activates for the period of time that the beam is broken (and for 30 seconds thereafter) and can be linked to a third party alarm, such as armed response.

  • Ambush alarm

Counter the security risk presented by a would-be intruder using the opportunity of covering the gate operator safety photocells. Then waiting for the gate to be opened and stay open and ambush an unsuspecting homeowner. This feature will set off an alarm if the photocells have been broken for an extended period of time. The alarm remains active while the photocells remain broken.



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