Electro Magnetic Lock

Electro Magnetic Lock without handle. Available in 2 versions. MAGMAG2500 with 250kg and also MAGMAG5000 with 500kg of pulling force. The aluminium powdercoated housing equipped with the unique Quick-Fix fixings ensures a fast and also nicely finished mounting. Therefore, eliminate time-consuming welding; drilling 5 holes is enough to fix the lock. Furthermore, a two layer, protective coating guarantees that our electro-magnetic locks are ready for years of worry free use outside.


.                         MAGMAG2500                                                MAGMAG5000

electro-magnetic-lock-magmag-2500  electro-magnetic-lock-magmag-5000

  • High holding force! Up to 500kg
  • 500h salt spray resistant! SGS certified
  • Special two-layer protective coating developed for outdoor use
  • SGS Certified
  • Powdercoated aluminium casing
  • Anti-residual magnetism kick-off system
  • New anti-pry system: Raised edge on the magnet housing makes it impossible to put a crowbar between the magnet and the armature plate
  • No-handle version
  • Fast and easy fixing by means of 5 holes with Quick-Fix
  • Same center-distance as the standard Locinox keeps
  • Fail open
  • MAG2500: Minimal pulling force: 2500N (250kg)
  • MAG5000: Minimal pulling force: 5000N (500kg)
  • Voltage: 12V/24V DC
  • Current MAGMAG2500: 460mA/12V or 230mA/24V
  • Current MAGMAG5000: 460mA/12V or 230mA/24V
  • Guaranteed performance: holding force tested on every Maglock


Avaliable in the following RAL-Colours:





electro-magnetic-lock-waterfront electro-magnetic-lock-magmagelectro-magnetic-lock-business-premises electro-magnetic-lock

Industrial Quality

Locinox products are by all means, of industrial quality. Even more, they are tested extensively by our R&D department in the most extreme circumstances.

Every product is also tested a minimum of 500,000 movements before bringing it to the market. Using Locinox products, specifically extends the life of your gates and also fences.

Ease of Installation

“Time however, is money”, certainly in our industry. Therefore, this is why our products are easy to implement in your production process. Moreover, you will also save a lot of time when installing on site thanks to our Plug&Play design and also our patented Quick-Fix fixing system.

Lastly, Quick-Fix are pre-fitted on our products, your products will also be installed in a snap: just tighten them up, then that’s it. Therefore, the patented Quick-Fix system ensures the firm fixing of our products.



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