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quality-gate-hardware-locinoxA range of high quality Locinox Gate Hardware including locks, hinges, closers and also access control equipment.

When it comes to quality gate hardware – Locinox has the goods! From the range of locks for both sliding and swing gates to drop bolts and also hinges, Locinox has it all. Furthermore, these products are the highest quality that will last years. Therefore, from the ground up, Locinox products are also built to withstand the harshest of environments anywhere.

Locinox products are by all means, of industrial quality. Every product is tested a minimum of 500,000 movements before bringing it to the market. Using Locinox products, extends the life of your gates and fences.

Materials and surface treatments which are also up to years of outdoor use, are a basic requirement. This is why Locinox only uses stainless steel and non-ferro metals raw materials for its products.

Lastly, Quick-Fix are also pre-fitted on our products, your products will be installed in a snap; just tighten them up, then that’s it. Therefore, the patented Quick-Fix system ensures the firm fixing of our products.

Locinox products are designed specifically for your sector where innovation, quality and ease of installation make the difference. Our goal is to increase your efficiency!

Let’s make better fences together!

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