Slat Fencing – Aluminium

Slat Fencing – Aluminium



Fence and Gate Supplies have just completed a Tulip Aluminium Slat Fencing System project.

With great ranges of Aluminium Slat Fencing, our fencing will suit all of your needs. These styles are designed for easy assembly.

Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive range of angles and channels for install along with our new 1 way and 2 way post systems for a professional finish every time.


Features of the Aluminium Slat Fencing are:
  • Super strength powder coated aluminium
  • Patented spring loaded frame holds the slats without rivets, screws, nails or welding
  • Blades do not warp, crack, or splinter
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-weld assembly for easy installation
  • Powdercoated and finished in Australia, for Australian conditions
  • Seven Year Warranty that covers the coating and also colour integrity
  • Fully adjustable to suit your custom size
  • To adjust height and also width, simply cut to size
  • Many timber finish colours and also over 150 standard powder coat colours to choose from.


Slat Dimensions: Simple and also neat design, the slats are 75mm aluminium blade slots into the patented pushloc slotted frame.

The 75mm blade provides a 2.4m span without the need for a support rail. This provides a clean and also aesthetically pleasing screen.

Fencing Panel Design Guide: The fence slats fit into a slotted frame. The frame is also available with either a 9mm or a 20mm slat spacing depending on the style and privacy required.

Timber Imaged Finish: This new super durable timber imaged finish enables us to compete with traditional timber markets. With a product that looks and also feels exactly the same as real timber, but without any of the maintenance issues. Therefore, by using the latest European technology, which incorporates “Photographic Realism”, we can not only compete with real timber but can also have Aluminium Slat Fencing for beachfront locations.

However, market acceptance of Aluminium Slat Fencing as a tough durable textured finish has been so rapid that it is now being used on many leading architectural and commercial projects.